Connecticut Fiddle Music Perfomers



One of our favorite contests is in Vermont, called the Northeast Fiddler's Contest. It's always really fun, and we meet up with most of our fiddling friends there, because it's so popular. We have also gone to a contest near Lake Champlain, in the northeastern part of Vermont. Sharon placed there.

Some of our favorite songs:

Ragtime Annie

Mason's Apron

Frenchie's Reel

Mississippi Sawyer

Turkey in the Sraw

Growling Old Man and Cackling Old Woman

Devils Dream

Draggin the Bow

Tom and Jerry

Up Jumped the Devil

Beaumont Rag

Cotton Patch Rag

Miller's Reel

Gold Fiddle Waltz

Black and White Rag

San Antonio Rose

Chancellor's Waltz

Blackberry Blossom