Connecticut Fiddle Music Perfomers



We played in our very first fiddle contest in Massachusetts. We went to the Blanford fair back in 2004, and we've been going faithfully every year ever since. It's a really fun contest.
Our first fiddle teacher lived in Massachusetts, and we drove up to her twice a month.

What We Play

We play lots of styles, some of which include Canadian, Old Tyme, Texas, Celtic, Scottish, and Bluegrass. Every once in a while, we will put down our fiddles, pick up our violins, and play a classical piece. We can play lots of different styles of tunes, ranging from jigs to waltzes to reels to hornpipes. You can make requests, and if we know it, we'll play it for you.

We also know several twin fiddle tunes. This is where you and someone else play really tight harmony, and try to keep your bows moving the same way. Since we live in the same house, it's pretty easy for us to practice this.