Connecticut Fiddle Music Perfomers



Our home state:
-We do our gigs in the Hartford area
-We go to the New England Fiddle Fest
-We play with CBOTFC

Who Are We?

Hi! We are Sharon and Susie, and we both play the fiddle. We have both been playing since we were six. Our Mom backs us up on the guitar and piano, and is amazing at both. Our Dad is our chauffeur, and he says that he plays the radio. But when he was young, he played the piano.

In addition to the fiddle, Sharon plays the guitar, the mandolin, and Susie is teaching her how to play the piano. Susie plays the piano, flute, and Sharon is teaching her how to play the mandolin.

We learn songs from many different places. One place is our fiddle club. We are members of the Connecticut's Bristol Old Tyme Fiddle Club (CBOTFC). Susie has been in the club since she was eight, making her the youngest ever member, and Sharon has been in it since she was ten. The fiddlers taught us tons of tunes, in addition to being great "Grandparents". Thanks guys!

Last year and the year before, we went to Randy Elmore's Fiddle Camp. We loved it. It was really fun, and we learned loads of tunes. We fiddled around the clock. For once, the saying "Eat, Sleep, Play Fiddle" really was true. We averaged about 10 hours a day, and even though we were unbelievably tired at the end, we still want to go next year.

Another place we regularly learned fiddle tunes from is Hetzlers Fakebook. It is a collection of hundreds of tunes of a variety of styles. Thanks Mr. Hetzler!!

We also learn our tunes from our teacher. We learn several fiddle songs a week, and she made all our music lessons really fun. Unfortunately, she recently moved, so we have to find a new fiddle teacher.