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In this part of the website, on each page there will be a different featured state that we have played in. There will also be a short description of what we did in that state.

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Hi Fiddle Music Fans!

Susie here. Sorry I haven't kept up this website. Too much school, too little time. ;~) Anyway, many people have asked me the difference between a fiddle and a violin. There are tons of jokes I could tell you, but that would take up too much space. Instead, I put a new excerpt of a poem at the bottom of this page. I hope you like the it, because I do. It may take a while to understand, so try reading it several times.

Hey, I'm Sharon. We've just gotten back from a week at fiddle camp in Texas, and we had an amazing time there. While there, I worked on a few new versions of my favorite tune, Ragtime Annie. I also learned a new song, Cotton Patch Rag, from one of my favorite Texas fiddlers, Marty Elmore. I played Cotton Patch Rag recently in New Jersey, and it helped me take home first place in a contest.

The Fiddler's Reply

by Joel Mabus

I have played tunes -- not songs.
Not voiceable, obvious word-infested songs -- but
tunes, each tune a puzzle, each one a box
with its own proud secret. Each its own smile
Sweetly shown -- each tune is a lesson pondered.
Pattern -- at once familiar yet unique --
Like snow crystals -- like footprints -- like the way
The world is right now -- that's what a tune is..

No sir. They don't all sound the same to me.

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